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Yeah! There are pictures of me for sale on the internet, and they aren't even any of the dirty ones! check it out:
Marty's Sock Puppet Portrait Online Emporium
or the Martystuff shoppe at Etsy. What's an ETSY?!

About me?
I'M AWESOME! I'm the superstar internet celebrity sock puppet of greatness - Terrycloth Green. Check out MY TWITTER! I HAVE OPINIONS!  I'm better than like 6,782 flourescent tigers singing about Batman while sommersaulting through hoops of inter-dimensional fire. I am often found being a funny and clever celebrity on the crap-cast of puke-istry known as MONSTERFACE TEE VEE It's made by those idiot-babies, uncle monsterface I'm the one who is always being funny and doing awesome things.


I'm pretty much excellent at everything I try to do ever. I like other things that are awesome and I have a pretty low threshhold for stuff that embodies the opposite of my awesomeness. Which is to say most stuff. And most people.

In addition to being a completely excellent chef and newcaster, I once ate a gallon of coconut-oreo ice cream which turned my poop yellow for like a week.

I really like video games and awesome movies and shows, but you better not show me or make me play anything dumb or I'll gouge out your eyes and nose with hot salad tongs.

Who I'd like to meet:
If you don't know me and you see me around and you're like- "Hey there's Terrycloth Green, he's so awesome, I want to say, 'Hi'"- don't, unless you're a hot lady or a fellow celebrity.

Otherwise, I'd like to meet:
The ghost of Freddy Mercury, Blanka, that crazy magician who keeps drowning himself and stuff, the mummy, Chairman Kaga, Batman, that baby on those new commercials that knows the names of all the presidents, TOTORO, the guy who invented beer, Ms. Pac Man, every member of Rush, fellow diorama enthusiasts, Snoopy, Shigeru Miya-nintendo, ALF

General Insterests:
reese's pieces, the mummy, culinary innovation, light sabers, binge drinking, poppyseed bagels, monkeys, robots, game boy, dioramas

uncle monsterface is alright i guess for a bunch of weird idiot babies who act like jerks. James Kochalka sings about Monkeys and Robots, which is pretty okay. So are those Hungarian Horntails kids - they're pretty rock n roll. Wizard Rock in general is okay, I guess, though I get sick of kids wearing capes pretty fast, and I kind of wanna fight that werewolf kid. Corn Mo is pretty much the awesomest rocker ever, right up there with def Leppard, Queen, Journey, Meatloaf, and Rush you know what I'm talkin about

926 main street apartment whatever might be better after i beat them up and they learn to play songs that aren't terrible. i have faith at least that they'll get the beating.

Why haven't I been in any movies yet? The Mummy was a pretty good instructional video about 'point of perspective'. I also like to go to the Scientology places and watch their free movies, but they won't let me in any more because of their weak minds and baby hands.

A lot of Iron Chef, mostly. And ALF was an awesome show. I like that new show about idiots who get married when they're very young idiots. I like a lot of the new-fangled 'catastrophe-based' programs due to their inherent funniness. That old show 'Out of Control' was pretty sweet, and so was 'Headbanger's Ball' before Ricky went super-lame-o on us. And if you're into watching me be awesome: MONSTERFACE TEE VEE is good if you ignore the parts that don't have me in them.

Why hasn't there been an unauthorized biography of me yet? I liked 'Where the Wild Things Are', a lot of X-men comics, that awesome bird guide, books that make fun of other books or people, anything about dioramas or the mummy


pretty much just me. maybe other awesome people like Indiana Jones, Han Solo, and Freddy Mercury... They're pretty awesome, too. And I heard Jet Li is gonna be in the new Mummy movie, so that's pretty cool, I guess. Oh -and Batman rules. I mean, he's freakin Batman. And Blanka.

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At 3:09pm on January 25, 2012, Spot The Elusive Dinosaur said…

I am not 100% sure about this friendship...

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