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About Me!

Greetings, everyone. My name is Auntie Nanaface. I am a part the ambitious project from that nice young man: Marty and his Sock Puppet Portraits... You can buy them on that lovely Etsy site!

Additionally (and maybe obviously), I enjoy writing instructional hip hop songs - in particular instructional hip hop songs about manners.....

Here's my debut single:
Talkin Bout Manners

You see, I can't help but feel as if manners have fallen too far to the wayside in our day and age, and I feel compelled to let the kids know that there's nothing wrong or "un-cool" at all about using the words "please" and "thank you" - when they are appropriate. Moreover, it can be QUITE cool and sometimes it can even save the day - a perfect way to bridge boundaries between new people is with a common code.....

While I've always loved music from all across the universe, I haven't always had time to record songs. You see, I am proudly the recently retired Chairman of the Adventurer's Society - an ancient organization of Adveturer's from across the 7 Layers of Space. I'm sure you've heard of us... For some 60 years of my life I was a card-carrying Professional Adventurer, and I'm sure some of this experience might creep into my little songs about being polite. I saw many strange and wonderful things from places all across the earth and beyond - and my manners have always served me well (there are two exceptions- The Bug People of Planet 6 abhor even the slightest sign of servitude, and even translated properly manners are seen as true weakness. When you meet a bug Person from Planet 6, rudeness IS manners. That and with teenagers.) Nowadays I hang on the house of The Magician Detective and help him solve problems while spending time with young Theodore and my dear friend and fellow Adventurer, Mozzarella Botticelli.

My other Great Loves are cooking and caring for my dear of fellow Sock Puppets and our family of misfit friends. I like nothing better than to gather together all of my kin, serve up a giant bowl of pasta, and sing songs with a full belly of it. Members

There is little old me, Auntie Nanaface, with my dawg, DJ Puppytron (he's actually my dog) dropping the beats. I also collaborate with the lovely lady, Jocelyn Arlington from the hip young New York band Pearl and the Beard... I do so like her cartoons, as well!

Some of the "jazzy" inspirations are my olde friend, The Jazzclops, and Uncle Monsterface himself secretly sits in on several tracks. On my newest track, 'Talkin 'bout Manners', you here some local teenagers who I think sing beautifully.

My dears, I am influenced by all that I see and do, all of the amazing souls and minds that I encounter and converse with, all the adventures across this world (and others) that I have been on...

I can say that I was first inspired to write about manners when I was visiting a planet just on the outer rim of the third layer of space - Hymnalia, as it would be translated. Hymnalia is no bigger than our moon and has fewer people than the US alone - altogether a very small planet - but they were in some trouble and had called upon The Adventurer's Society for the first time. They were having issues when rogue space-bridge technology fell into the hands of the race of Gator-bots (this is before some of the gator-bots "loftier" goals and their eventual Great Trial), but before we could even figure out any of that mish mosh, we had to figure out that through some extraordinary evolutionary turn the people of Hymnalia were only able to communicate via song. Any word uttered without intent and melody sounds to them like static on a television would to us. Most extraordinary. Their Great Chancellor Faa-lee La Fah and their Ambassador T-Rooogly Doo Bop were already so polite via song (and so good at impromptu harmonizing) that the seed for this idea was planted before I even knew it.

Needless to say, we stopped the Gator-bots and wrote some good songs while we were at it (though at the time hip-hop was really only regarded as "slang" in their culture and tongue, and was practiced mostly, in an interesting parallel, by their urban youth. Today it is an important piece of their vocabulary).

Heavens, this must have been 25 years ago, before the 7 Layers of Space had even been mapped or Professor Hero had even stabilized the Shnozel Flixim. Goodness, time is a mystery and a miracle.

Well, I'm sure little of that makes any sense to far too many of you, but it has to be stated that the idea was born far far away while singing in the court of the Great race of Hymnalians - and I do believe in giving credit where it is due.

Later, it occurred to me again that hip hop and manners might mesh well when I began teaching young adventurers at the Young Adventurer's Academy, and my dear friend and housemate The Magician Detective was good enough to encourage me to pursue it. And here I am making an old fool of myself rapping about manners on the internet. I suppose there are always a few more adventures to be had...

Sounds Like
Sesame Street meets Salt n Peppa with a side of Parappa the Rapper.

Check out my Olde School Myspace Band Page!

Comment Wall (2 comments)

At 7:11pm on January 26, 2012, The Duchess of Spitmeadow said…

Keep keepin it real, Auntie N. You're the best of us.

At 7:34pm on January 26, 2012, Professor Doverbean said…

Sweet rhymes, fly beats!

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